Investing wisely can enrich both, an Investment Portfolio and a Lifestyle if you follow due diligence. is a robust platform for HR3606 Initial Public Offering (IPO) Issuers and Global Investors to meet and subscribe to the offerings. The ability of growing American Industries to access Global Funds are vital to jumpstart our economy by creating jobs in the private sector and to enhance our competitiveness in the Global Marketplace.

All Issuers listed/displayed on Funding Portal, has been screened and their Temporary Draft (Application) approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission 21 days prior to the "Road Show" as directed by Congress. In addition, to maintain the highest integrity of our Funding Portal, and its Law-enforcement Resaerch Team do their own background checks (financial and criminal) of Issuers and any person holding more than 20% of shares in the company, prior to accepting the Issuers and their IPO. Therefore to maintain our Funding Portal's highest integrity, we only list/display the most promising Issuers and their IPO. The "Cream of the Crop". Funding Portal, may organize and coordinate video conferencing with Investors and Issuers on larger issues, one week before Target Date.

Prior to subscribing for shares in an IPO listed and displayed here, an investor must qualify for it by law, and understand the risk involved when buying Securities. See qualifications and limitations on next page. Furthermore, Investors must hold (can not sell) their shares for one year from the date of purchase.

HR3606 Crowdfunding Portals and its employees are prohibited by law to buy, sell or even recommend stocks displayed on their sites or hold the subscribed funds or issuing the shares. All funds are held by third parties like: PayPal, Escrow or Bank Trust Accounts until the target amount is met. If by any chance the targeted amount is not met by the target date, all subscribed funds (monies) will promptly be refunded to Subscribers.

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