Issuers is a robust HR3606 Equity Crowdfunding platform to help promote emerging American industries IPO-s in the Global Marketplace. Funding Portal places special emphasise on its honesty, integrity and trustworthiness in maintaining its Funding Portal as specified by laws, and expect the same from Issuers listed/displayed on its site. Furthermore, its Law-enforcement Research Team are committed to dig into all Securities and Exchange Commission approved IPO Issuer's background (financial and criminal) and any person holding 20% or more of the company's shares, prior to displaying the Issues on its Funding Portal.

Our Management Team will review the Issuer's product or services provided, with business and science-based analysis as applicable to our Investors.

Therefore the listed/displayed IPO-s are of the most promising "cream of the crop" Issuers. Furthermore,, at its option may follow up on successfully funded Issuers in regards to: if the funds were used as described in their Temporary Draft as presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission for approval.